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What can Alpha Web do for you?

Modern Web Design

Alpha Web combines HTML 5 and jQuery to allow fluid and seamless transitions between every aspect of your website, drawing eye focus to your key selling points.

Responsive Development

Nowadays almost any device can access the Internet. Websites made by Alpha Web are optimised for viewing on *every* device, from desktop to laptop, from tablet to smartphone.

Clean And Consistent Code

Flaws can lead to slow page loads, broken pages, and even security vulnerabilities. Alpha Web ensures all code validates correctly and is thoroughly tested before release.

On-going Support

We don't just stop once the website is up and running! Alpha Web will train you in how to use your new website, provide you with analytics, set up E-mail marketing, and make modifications.

Modern Web Design

Bringing the future of web design to your website.

Modern Languages

HTML 5 and jQuery allow for fluid and seamless transitions between not only images, but every aspect of your website. Alpha Web combines these technologies to draw eye focus to your key selling points.

Hero Images

At the cutting edge of web design are hero images - the large banners on top of many modern webpages. The perfect place to advertise your USP, the hero banner is usually the first thing seen on a website. Want to advertise multiple products effectively? Hero images can even contain sliders to showcase an infinite number of items.

Impactive Designs

Alpha Web can either create unique designs for you, or implement your own custom designs! Alpha Web has previously implemented designs from agencies such as Kameleon, the 2015 award winner for content marketing agency of the year.

Modern Web Design Example


Clean, consistent, and fast code that you can rely on to hold your website together.


Many large companies like Google and Facebook have a surprising number of flaws in their public code. These flaws can lead to slow page loads, broken pages, and even security vulnerabilities! Alpha Web ensures that every single piece of code validates correctly, utilising services such as JSLint, PHP Code Checker, and W3C.


Multiple refactoring techniques combined with conditional logic ensures that code is delivered quickly. Loops will close once the correct data is found, rather than going around endlessly and uneccessarily, causing slow page loads.


In addition to code written by Alpha Web following standard coding conventions, Alpha Web code is also structured and heavily commented, allowing developers to quickly understand the intended purpose of the code. This means that any developer, from Alpha Web or another company, won't have to waste time deconstructing the code.

Code Sample


Just some of Alpha Web's previous work.


Full Website



Full Website



Fleet Management System

Lincoln University

Lincoln University

Full Website

UCSA Registration Form

UCSA Registration Form

Website Component

WebTools - Delta

WebTools - Delta

Web Tool


Personal Websites
From $500 (plus GST)
  • Perfect for individuals or startups
  • Easy To Update Yourself
  • 'How-To-Use' Documentation
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Latest Technology Trends
  • W3C Code Compliant
  • Get Seen On Google
Company Websites
From $3000 (plus GST)
  • Everything personal websites get plus
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • E-mail Marketing
  • XML Sitemapping
  • SQLi, XSS, LFI, & RFI Protection
  • Session Hijacking Prevention
Custom Deals
  • Custom-tailored development
  • Flexible Quotes
  • Hourly Rates Available
  • CSS Or Security Tweaks
  • Animation Implemenation
  • Design Tips
  • Testing

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